CAMBA Legal Services Workers Have a Contract!


From Our Friends at UAW 2325 - Association of Legal Aid Attorneys:

We are thrilled to announce that the support staff and attorneys at CAMBA Legal Services ratified a strong contract yesterday and are back at work fighting for their clients!

Thank you to all the community groups, union members and elected officials who supported us in this effort.

It took nearly four weeks for CAMBA management to recognize the value of their workers and finally offer a contract that provides improved parental leave, reduced health insurance contributions and a step structure that will provide regular salary increases to support staff. This is in addition to the job security, grievance process, and workplace protections that come with working in a union shop.

Perhaps most importantly, all 38 of our members stood together in solidarity while organizing, bargaining, and ultimately, striking. They supported one another in every way imaginable and worked incredibly hard under difficult circumstances, always treating each other with respect and dignity. We can all be so proud of what they achieved and are thrilled to welcome them as full-fledged, contract-bearing members of the ALAA and UAW families!