Comprehensive Legislation to Decriminalize Sex Work Introduced in Albany


By Nicholas Tamborra

LID board member Jared Trujillo was with DecrimNY on Monday to voice support for a bill to decriminalize and decarcerate sex trade. Titled “Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act”, the bill is the most comprehensive push for the decriminalization of sex work, with particular focus on black women and TGNC women who are often the victims of anti-sex work laws.

Activist and LID 2019 honoree Cecilia Gentili also addressed concerns with how current anti-sex work laws are harmful: “Criminalization kills our community and criminalizing buyers hurt us too. How are you going to help me by cutting my income?”

LID is a member of DecrimNY and hosted a forum in April with Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in which the DA announced his support for the decriminalization of sex work.

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