LID Condemns Vicious Transphobic Attack on World Pride Weekend.

Friday night, two trans women of color were attacked in Queens on the first night of World Pride weekend.  Activists Bianey Garcia and Norma Ureiro were attacked and pepper sprayed in Jackson Heights, Queens in a viscous transphobic hate crime. Thankfully, they're doing well after a brief hospitalization.

Keep this in mind while you celebrate and party this weekend.  Trans women are still being targeted and killed regularly.

Sadly, the once-annual corporate capitalization of our community won’t change that. 

Instead, it is up to our community to step up and support those upon whom the movement is built on.  Our legislature’s failure to pass critical protections transgender women, such as repeal of #WalkingWhileTrans, continues to further the injustices and basic risks of being out in public.  This shouldn't happen on the 50th anniversary of pride.