RECAP: Debate 1 (Part 1)


Who won?

Elizabeth Warren with her momentum and concrete plans to redistribute our nation’s wealth to those who need it most? Mayor Bill de Blasio, with an unexpected showing of strength? Or Julian Castro, who raised reproductive justice as an issue facing the transgender community (albeit slightly bungled his well-intended attempt*)?

Does it matter? As 25 Democrats vie for the nomination, LID will continue to bring this race home to Brooklyn’s LGBTQ community.

Last night, over 50 people joined us at Fulton Ale House in Bed-Stuy to watch round 1, part 1 of the 2020 Presidential Debates.

Join us TONIGHT for round 2, as Pete Buttigieg makes history as the first openly LGBTQ person to debate on the presidential stage.

Watch out for LID’s next debate watch parties on July 30 and 31st

*Secretary Castro referred to the need for transgender women to have access to reproductive healthcare. While the issue is far too complicated to suggest that this reference is entirely untrue, it is important to highlight this issue and its impact on transgender men, in addition to many gender non-confirming and non-binary individuals. He has our appreciation for raising the issue.