Gay City News: New Push to Keep LGBTQ Voice on Council

In a written statement, Jared Arader, LID’s president, noted that Menchaca is the only out LGBTQ legislator ever elected to office in Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn has a vibrant LGBT community but currently only one openly LGBTQ legislator, and he will leave office in 2021 due to term limits,” he said. “Representa­tion matters — and that’s why we need to work together to ensure we have a voice in the table.”

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LID's 2019 Honorees

Every year, LID honors those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership our community. This year we honor the work and dedication of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, State Senator Brad Hoylman, Activist Cecilia Gentili, the New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) and the Brooklyn Irish LGBTQ Organization (BILO).

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CAMBA Legal Services Workers Have a Contract!

It took nearly four weeks for CAMBA management to recognize the value of their workers and finally offer a contract that provides improved parental leave, reduced health insurance contributions and a step structure that will provide regular salary increases to support staff. This is in addition to the job security, grievance process, and workplace protections that come with working in a union shop.

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